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Any surface that paint will stick to, we can paint. Basically all that we need to get started is a clean and ready wall/canvas/area, a high quality image file of the sign/logo/art, any specific color selections that you prefer and a 50% deposit to secure your job NEXT IN LINE on our schedule. The remaining balance will be due upon completion of the job.

Pricing is determined by many factors that may or may not apply to every job/situation. Some examples would be: surface type, size, amount of detail, multiple colors, accessibility to work area, any special rental equipment needed (lifts, scaffolding, etc.). All final price agreements include supplies, small equipment use and travel cost. Once a design, work to be performed and deposit are finalized, any changes made after what was initially agreed upon will be adjusted and prorated into the remaining balance due upon job completion. Prices vary per every job.

Signs & Logos. Typically you can expect to pay a minimum of $500.00 for a quality painted sign. As stated above what your final cost may such as paint/brushes/templates, small equipment use like ladders/projectors/drop cloths, travel cost, meetings for in person details of the job (time/travel), picking up specific supplies for the job (time/travel)...and so on.

Murals. If you haven't already, please check out some of my previous work here. You will get a sense of my style as an artist (ever developing) and can determine under your own preferences if I am the correct artist for your job. Most of the same pricing details (explained above in "Pricing") apply for mural work. However there are some differences, for example...charging by square footage of the area to be painted. This price ranges between $10-$20 per square foot depending on level of detail for the artwork, multiple colors, etc. I can paint most designs given to me via a high res image file or create a completely original and unique design myself. There will be a non-refundable, up front $250 design fee for one ROUGH DRAFT SKETCH plus two revisions, further revisions will be charged by the hour @ $50 p/hr. Depending on the state of your wall surface, I can assist in prepping the area for the mural to be painted and also apply a protective seal layer after all paint for the mural has cured. Pricing for prep-work can be determined when negotiating overall cost of the project. 

Restorations. Ghost Signs in particular. See some previous work examples here. Again, a lot of the pricing details mentioned above can be applied here as well. There are a couple of different ways to restore or preserve an old faded sign (aka "Ghost Signs"). The sign can be brought back to its original, full bursting of color, almost like new state. Or we can pull some of the color back in while still maintaining that slightly aged and distressed look, which can appear quite charming. A crucial resource to saving these signs is researching their history and tracking down the oldest and most clear photos possible so that the restorations end result replicates as close to the original as possible. Or perhaps you may just need an older, fading business sign of your own cleaned up and refreshed, we do that too!

Important side notes. Currently most work is performed in evening to early morning hours. Coordinating schedules and granting access to locked work areas should be taken into consideration during planning. Signs, Murals and Restorations can take anywhere from a couple of days to a few weeks depending on work load, weather and project details. PLEASE PLAN AHEAD and give us plenty of lead time to coordinate with your schedule and complete the job to your satisfaction. Additional fees will be added to "Rush" jobs. Similar to "first come, first served" we operate on a "first deposit, next in line" basis. Rarely will we give you an exact date however we can look at the current schedule of upcoming jobs and give you a general idea of when your project will begin. If you wish to aim for an exact date for completion and you've given us plenty of lead time we'll pencil you in, otherwise it will be considered a "Rush" job on short notice.

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